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Lockout Tagout Leadership Video Episode 6 - Interview with Mr. Uday Kamath (Indian Oil Tanking)

To be a great safety leader, one needs to care deeply about their people and regularly demonstrate the value of safety through their actions. We can buy a new car, build a new plant, but you can’t bring somebody back. What we can’t replace are individuals.

Featured in this episode of Lockout Tagout Leadership Series by E-Square is a LOTO Leader who leads by example and walks the talk, thereby inspiring the confidence of working safely among workers - Mr. Uday Kamath (Vice President HSSE - Indian Oil Tanking).

With a commitment to worker safety first, Mr. Uday Kamath focuses on having a process approach towards implementing lockout tagout. He understands the importance of each element in the process and shares his views in this episode.

His ideology places a particular emphasis on ‘communication for safety’; an essential method of maintaining the effort required for change to happen and for keeping everyone motivated. Everyone needs to be updated throughout the process. Keep your communication process simple and ensure that everyone involved in the system has a voice; otherwise, there will be a reluctance to buy into the process.

Mr. Uday Kamath has placed his trust in E-Square for the past 20 years to constantly improve the safety culture at work and reaching a world-class level of isolation safety.

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