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Lockout Tagout Leadership Video Episode 5 - Interview with Mr. Aakash Shah (Juniper Energy)

Partial or Juvenile LOTO implementation will not serve the purpose of Lockout Tagout, says our new guest Mr. Aakash Shah, safety head at Juniper Energy Pvt. Ltd. Watch this insightful interview session on systematic Lockout Tagout implementation.

We are happy to announce our interview with an enthusiastic safety leader, who talks about his industry experiences, and accentuates the need for a complete and judicious Lockout Tagout implementation.

He also emphasizes on the importance of the involvement of Government authorities, Top-management, Leaders and employers to enhance the awareness of Lockout Tagout, because leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

Mr. Shah firmly believes that judicious and systematic Lockout Tagout program is fundamental for growth and sustainability and inculcates the same at his site.

E-Square has been working with Juniper to support them in enhancing their energy management system. We are determined in our everlasting endeavor to raise the safety standards and achieve the target of zero incidents related to exposure of hazardous energies at every industry in and beyond reach.

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