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Lockout Tagout Leadership Video Episode 2 - Interview with Mr. G. G. Pal (Vedanta Jharsuguda)

Numerous studies have shown the strong correlation between safety performance and leadership, considering leadership along with culture a key determining factor in outstanding safety outcomes.

It is our honour to have interviewed Mr. G.G. Pal (COO - Metal) of Vedanta Jharsuguda. The company is committed to delivering sustainable and robust growth in hazardous energy isolation to build a 'safety first' culture.

Dr. Nalini asked the honourable COO some very enlightening and factual questions that highlighted the importance of Lockout Tagout safety, not only as a matter of compliance but a subject of complete practice and implementation.

Leading with a vision of 'zero harm' as their organisational value, Vedanta group considers E-Square Alliance as their true isolation partner and friend; who has always served the company unswervingly with a smile for more than a decade.

Do watch this video to learn how Vedanta Jharsuguda is continuously improving their standards to control hazardous energies at work with E-Square - VEDANTA JHARSUGUDA LOTO LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY.

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