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Lockout Tagout Products / Devices

For over 22 years, E-Square has been at the forefront of the lockout tagout industry, closely monitoring and addressing the diverse and unique requirements of various industries for controlling hazardous energies at work.

Our extensive experience in design, development, and production has enabled us to manufacture and supply the most comprehensive range of lockout tagout products that are both effective and practical.

Today, E-Square is the ultimate one-stop destination, that offers 1400+ user-friendly lockout products which ensure complete safety, compliance, and peace of mind for our valued users.

We recognize that each industry has distinct lockout requirements, but rest assured, we have you covered with the right solutions to address your unique needs.

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    LOTO Devices

    Q. What are lockout tagout products and why are they important for workplace safety?

    Lockout tagout (LOTO) products are essential tools used to control hazardous energies and ensure workplace safety during maintenance and repair activities. They help prevent accidents by isolating energy sources and prohibiting unauthorized access to these energy points. Implementing LOTO products in every organization is vital for reducing the risk of injuries and fatalities, as well as complying with energy isolation regulations such as OSHA 29CFR 1910.147, ANSI Z244.1, Indian Factories Act 1948, AS/NZS 4836:2011, PUWER 1998, HSG 85 and many more.

    E-Square's widest range of lockout tagout products ensures that everyone has the right tools to address every energy control situation.

    Q. How does E-Square stand out among other lockout tagout product providers?

    E-Square has over 22 years of experience in the lockout tagout industry, making us a trusted and reliable partner for workplace safety solutions. Our commitment to innovation and quality has resulted in an extensive product range of over 1400+ lockout tagout devices, catering to diverse industries and energy control requirements.

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we work closely with our clients to provide tailored solutions for their specific needs. Our expert team is always available to offer guidance on product selection, implementation, and training, ensuring you receive the best value and service from E-Square.

    Q. How can I purchase E-Square's wide range of lockout tagout products?

    Purchasing E-Square's lockout tagout products is simple and convenient. You can browse our extensive collection of lockout safety products on our website, which showcases the variety of LOTO devices available for different industries and energy control requirements. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to find and select the best lockout tagout devices for your specific needs.

    Once you have identified the products you need, you can simply add the products to your cart and ‘Ask for Quote’ for the selected products or reach out to our customer support team for assistance. As a leading lockout tagout products manufacturer, we are committed to providing a seamless and efficient purchasing experience for our clients.

    Q. Can E-Square's lockout tagout products be customized to suit specific workplace needs?

    YES! As Lockout Tagout OEMs, we have extensive experience in designing, developing, and producing customized LOTO products. Whether you need devices in different sizes, materials, colours, with branding, extra provisions, or any other specific requirements, we can explore the possibilities and provide you with a custom LOTO device. Our commitment to flexibility and customization ensures that you receive the ideal lockout tagout solution for your specific needs.


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