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Lockout Tagout in Hospitality Industry

In the Hospitality Industry, facilities such as hotels and restaurants rely heavily on equipment and systems that use various forms of hazardous energy. Consequently, LOTO plays a vital role in protecting employees from injury during servicing and maintenance tasks by isolating these energy sources and preventing their inadvertent release.

Energy isolation is particularly important in the Hospitality Industry because of the presence of numerous hazardous energies, including electrical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical sources. These energies can be found in a wide range of equipment and systems, such as HVAC, kitchen appliances, and electrical installations. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, slips, trips, and falls are among the leading causes of nonfatal injuries in the accommodation and food services sector, some of which can be attributed to inadequate energy isolation (source: https://www.bls.gov/iif/oshsum.htm). Proper LOTO procedures can mitigate these risks and contribute to a safer work environment.

International regulations governing LOTO in the Hospitality Industry include OSHA's 29 CFR 1910.147, "Control of Hazardous Energy" and ISO 45001, "Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems". Implementing LOTO in the Hospitality Industry offers numerous benefits, such as improved worker safety, reduced accident rates, and compliance with international safety standards. Best practices for LOTO in the Hospitality Industry involve thorough employee training, regular audits, and the use of standardized LOTO devices. By adhering to these best practices, hospitality businesses can ensure the safety of their staff while maintaining a high level of service quality for their guests.

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Ensure a Five-Star Safety Experience in Hospitality

Welcome a culture of safety in your hospitality operations with our Lockout Tagout solutions, ensuring safety and service go hand in hand.

  • Are you establishing lockout tagout procedures to address the variety of electrical, gas, and steam-powered kitchen equipment that require regular maintenance, cleaning, and repair?

  • Have you developed comprehensive lockout tagout protocols for the complex heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that maintain comfort and air quality in hospitality facilities?

  • Are you implementing lockout tagout procedures to ensure the safe maintenance and servicing of swimming pools, hot tubs, and other water-related systems, which often involve electrical and chemical hazards?

  • Do you have lockout tagout practices in place to protect workers from the risks associated with maintaining, repairing, and inspecting elevators, escalators, and other vertical transportation systems?

  • Are your lockout tagout procedures designed to account for the unique challenges of working on emergency power systems, such as generators and battery backups, ensuring safe isolation of energy sources during maintenance and testing?

Our Lockout Tagout solutions craft a culture of safety in your hospitality operations, ensuring that your commitment to safety is as strong as your commitment to your guests.

LOTO Devices for the Hospitality Industry

Lockout Hasp
Lockout Hasp
  • Steel Hasp - 25mm Small
  • De-Electric Hasp
  • Steel Hasp - 38mm
  • Stainless Steel Hasp
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Circuit Breaker Lockout
Circuit Breaker Lockout
  • Pin Type CBL
  • MCB Lockout
  • Clamp-on CBL
  • Motor Protection CBL
View All
Valve Lockout
Valve Lockout
  • Gate Valve Lockout
  • Butterfly Valve Lockout
  • Ball Valve Lockout
  • Universal Valve Lockout
View All
Lockout Safety Padlocks
Lockout Safety Padlocks
  • Jacket Padlock
  • PLSP Padlock
  • De-electric Padlock
  • Padlock Accessories
View All
Lockout Tags
Lockout Tags
  • Standard LOTO Tags
  • Customised LOTO Tags
  • Laminated Tags
  • Tag Accessories
View All
Cable Lockout
Cable Lockout
  • Squeezer Cable Lockout
  • Metallic Cable Lockout
  • Conventional Cable LOTO
  • Grip Type Cable Lockout
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We have Lockout Tagout Solutions for

We have Lockout Tagout Solutions for

tickCommercial kitchen equipment

tickHVAC systems

tickElevators and escalators

tickSwimming pools and spa equipment

tickEmergency power systems

tickLaundry equipment

tickElectrical distribution systems

tickFire and life safety systems

tickBuilding automation systems

tickLighting systems

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tickIT infrastructure

tickSecurity systems

tickLandscaping equipment

tickand Many More

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