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Lockout Tagout Catalogue

Download or flip through our comprehensive Lockout Tagout product catalogue to browse over 1400 safety devices and choose the right solution for your specific needs. Here, you’ll find an overview of the products, their size, usage, available customisations and much more.

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Our Catalogues

We have categorised our product catalogues according to different industrial safety segments for an quick and easy scan.
Choose the correct product catalogue and download to view.


Lockout Tagout Catalogue

Discover the world of E-Square's Lockout Tagout Catalogue

  • Safety Lockout Equipment
  • Padlocks & Hasps
  • Cabinets & Boxes
  • LOTO Kits
  • Tags & Shadow Boards

Safety Hooks and Cable Hangers Catalogue

Avoid major injuries at the workplace due to trailing cable.

  • S Type Safety Cable Hanger
  • Hanging and Wall Mounted Safety Hooks
  • Anchor Multipurpose Hook
  • Wall Wire Holder
  • Hexahook Hanger Extendable Stand

Confined Space Covers Catalogue

Special covers to prevent unauthorised entry into Confined Spaces.

  • Confined Space Barriers
  • Confined Space Covers
  • Lockable Ratchet Strap Tower Skirt Covers
  • Manhole Signs and Confined Space Signs
  • Confined Space Tags

MSDS/Hazard Communication Catalogue

Improve the quality, consistency and clarity of hazard information to make workplaces safe.

  • Stations and Cabinets
  • MSDS Binder Display Rack
  • Education and Training Materials
  • Signage
  • Floor Stands

Scaffolding Tags and Holders Catalogue

A complete range of versatile tagging systems for Scaffoldings.

  • Standard and Claw-Type Tag Holders
  • Large Property Tag Holders and Inserts
  • Slim Property Tag Holders and Inserts
  • Mini and Ladder Tag Holders and Inserts
  • Unitag Kits

Ladder Lockout Catalogue

A comprehensive selection of secure Ladder Lockout solutions.

  • Single-Sided Ladder Lockout/Kit
  • Double-Sided Ladder Lockout/Kit
  • Velcro Ladder Lockout
  • Steel Ladder Guard Lockout
  • Customised Ladder Lockouts/Kits

Steering Wheel Covers Catalogue

A visual deterrent to prevent unauthorised personnel from attempting to start the vehicle.

  • Standard Lockable Steering Wheel Covers
  • Steering Wheel Covers with Locking Tail
  • Elastic Steering Wheel Covers
  • Red Temporary Steering Wheel Covers
  • Magnetic Signs

Tags-On-A-Roll Catalogue

Keep tags in order, minimise waste and boost workplace productivity.

  • Safety Tags-On-A-Roll
  • Safety Tags-On-A-Roll with Eyelet
  • Safety Tags-In-A-Box (Standard & Small)
  • Safety Tags-In-A-Box (Fan-Fold)

Safety Products Catalogue for Different Industry:

With the largest selection of LOTO safety products, E-Square is a global leader in lockout tagout. Throughout our 22 years in this field, we have designed numerous specialised safety products for every industry.

Our product line is certain to satisfy your industry's requirements while enhancing the safety and efficiency of your facilities. Our easily downloadable catalogues allow users to quickly browse through products and choose the correct solution for their needs.

Although we specialise in Lockout Tagout, we have developed a range of other safety products, including cable managers, confined space covers, scaffolding tags and much more.

Our selection of safety products catalogue includes -

1. Lockout Tagout Catalogue

2. Safety Hooks and Cable Hangers Catalogue

3. Confined Space Cover Catalogue

4. MSDS/Hazard Communication Catalogue

5. Scaffolding Tags and Holders Catalogue

6. Ladder Lockout Catalogue

7. Steering Wheel Covers Catalogue

8. Tags-On-A-Roll Catalogue


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