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A Safety Guide That Revolutionised Lockout Tagout in Indian Industries

Dr. Nalni Gulati brings to you, for the first time, a comprehensive Lockout Tagout Book in Hindi featuring 25 real-life case studies, LOTO checklists, national and international LOTO regulations and a way for you to avoid accidents in your facility. This book will surely bring a unique and enlightening reading experience for all business owners, health and safety practitioners, and safety enthusiasts.

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A Safety Guide That Revolutionised Lockout Tagout in Indian Industries

Industry Leaders Speak

Lalit Gabhane

I thank Nalni ji for making this valuable practical knowledge available to Indian industries. This book should reach all organisations, so that each industry can achieve ‘Zero Incident’.

Lalit Gabhane
Director General, NSC
K. Kiran Kumar

I believe that this guide must be read by all safety professionals so that each organisation can strengthen and evolve as a ‘LOTO Leader’. I congratulate Dr. Gulati for her incredible work.

K. Kiran Kumar
Sr. Vice President, Ultratech Cement
Birendra Verma

This book is an invaluable guide to LOTO (Lockout Tagout). It illuminates the risks associated with energy sources, empowering readers to work more safely and knowledgeably.

Birendra Verma
Group Head - Safety, Adani
S. Rajesh

LOTO awareness will take a huge leap forward with Dr. Gulati's insightful book. Kudos to E-Square for their unwavering commitment towards achieving 'zero harm' in the industries.

S. Rajesh
Divisional Manager EHS, Ashok Leyland
Uday Kamath

Dr. Gulati's book is a pivotal resource for Safety & Maintenance experts. It enhances LOTO procedures and raises awareness about safely handling hazardous energies at work.

Uday Kamath
V. President HSSE, IOSL
Ravi Kant Somani

Dr. Gulati has done exceptionally well through her continual engagement, research, and studying the case histories. The book is elaborated and written in simple language.

Ravi Kant Somani
Ex Copr. Head (OHS), Jindal Steel & Power
About The Book

About The Book

Lockout Tagout remains the number one most violated standard in industries today, and the only way to safeguard the precious lives at work against hazardous energies is to build a new breed of safety enthusiasts, workers & leaders who are implementers.

“25 सबसे आम जानलेवा लॅाकआउट टैगआउट गलतियाँ “is a book that provides tangible solutions to enhance our limited knowledge on essential details of LOTO System that is essential for controlling hazardous energy release accidents.

Dr. Nalni Gulati analyses the problems that industry leaders confront daily and decodes the 25 most common, life-threatening mistakes in the industry that lead to Lockout Tagout accidents. While also elaborating on the fundamentals of LOTOTO, like the What, Why, When, and How.

Filled with practical strategies, principles, case studies, checklists, and government guidelines, this book aims to create numerous Lockout Tagout success stories and limit the number of accidents at work. It features the views of industry experts like Ravikant Somani, Birendra Verma, Uday Kamath, S. Rajesh, A. P. Acharya and many more.

This is “the manual” for Industry Leaders, Employers, Employees and safety enthusiasts who are dedicated to take their management of hazardous energies to the next level! If you are keen to ride this wave of LOTOTO Transformation and impact people’s lives with your knowledge, this book is for you.

—— Do you want
To Be Your Industry’s Safety Leader?

Lockout Tagout is a proven safety measure that saves thousands of accidents yearly while avoiding massive regulatory fines and penalties. This book is an excellent reference guide for avoiding common, life-threatening Lockout Tagout mistakes.

This book features -

  • E-Square’s Priceless Experience of 21 years
  • A Guide on Lockout Tagout
  • Top 25 Mistakes, Errors and Violations
  • Real-Life Incident Case Studies
  • Lockout Tagout Checklists
  • National And International LOTO Guidelines

About The Author

About The Author

Hailing from the beautiful city of Udaipur, Dr. Nalni Gulati is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, author and expert in the field of Occupational Health and Safety who has established the practice of Lockout Tagout in countless industries.

Known as the ambassador of Lockout Tagout (LOTO) safety in India, her primary focus for the last 21 years has been to develop innovative and software-based solutions for hazardous energy isolation. She has worked on numerous safety projects worldwide and is the recipient of the industrial leadership award by ‘Dainik Jagran’ and “The Times of India’.

After working with hundreds of companies and helping them develop their Lockout Tagout Programs, Dr. Nalni has developed and perfected the world-class “LOTO 3 PHASE MODEL”, which is helping thousands of sites safeguard their employees. It helps in building a robust, seamless and sustainable LOTO SYSTEM within limited time-frame.

With a doctorate in Natural Health and Yoga, Dr. Nalni is also a spiritual master and teacher of occult and soft sciences who is called upon by top corporates to speak about tackling both external hazardous energies present in the workplace and dangerous internal energies like stress, depression, fear, anxiety etc. within us for holistically achieving health and safety.

Further solidifying her reputation, Dr. Nalni has penned influential leadership development programs focused on lockout tagout. These insightful materials, celebrated across industry verticals, inspire participants to achieve holistic personal and professional growth.

Her mission is to empower and inspire workers and safety officials worldwide to build a new breed of LOTO leaders built on core principles of safety, humanity and simplicity by improving one’s skills, happiness, productivity and awesomeness.

Featuring Renowned Industry Leaders

Sanjeev Verma<br>EHS Head, Grasim Ind.

Sanjeev Verma
EHS Head, Grasim Ind.

Nitin Gupta<br>Safety Head, JSW Energy

Nitin Gupta
Safety Head, JSW Energy

Prem Maurya<br>Safety Head, Grasim

Prem Maurya
Safety Head, Grasim

Chintan Vyas<br>EHS Manager, Coca Cola

Chintan Vyas
EHS Manager, Coca Cola

<p style=font-size:16px;>Ajay Tiwari<br>Corporate OHS Head</p>

Ajay Tiwari
Corporate OHS Head

<p style=font-size:16px;>Rajesh B S<br>EHS - India Region

Rajesh B S
EHS - India Region

<p style=font-size:16px;>M. Nageswararao<br>Div. Manager - EHS

M. Nageswararao
Div. Manager - EHS

<p style=font-size:16px;>Krishnan. R<br>General Manager

Krishnan. R
General Manager

<p style=font-size:16px;>A P Acharya<br>Senior V P

A P Acharya
Senior V P

<p style=font-size:16px;>Binayak Panda<br>Asst. V P - HSE

Binayak Panda
Asst. V P - HSE

<p style=font-size:16px;>Ashok<br>GM - EHS Head

GM - EHS Head

<p style=font-size:16px;>Narendra Singh<br>Safety Professional

Narendra Singh
Safety Professional

<p style=font-size:16px;>Pratik Sharma<br>Safety Head

Pratik Sharma
Safety Head

<p style=font-size:16px;>Vijay Kumar<br>General Manager

Vijay Kumar
General Manager

<p style=font-size:16px;>Kundan Kumar<br>EHS Professional

Kundan Kumar
EHS Professional

<p style=font-size:16px;>Tushar Ranjan<br>Corporate Head EHS

Tushar Ranjan
Corporate Head EHS

<p style=font-size:16px;>Vineet Kumar<br>Unit EHS Lead

Vineet Kumar
Unit EHS Lead

<p style=font-size:16px;>Amit Verma<br>Manager EHS

Amit Verma
Manager EHS

<p style=font-size:16px;>Samiran Shah<br>Safety Head

Samiran Shah
Safety Head

<p style=font-size:16px;>Uday Vaishampayan<br>Sr. VP EHS

Uday Vaishampayan

<p style=font-size:16px;>Venkatesh Adhvaryu<br>GM Corporate EHS

Venkatesh Adhvaryu
GM Corporate EHS

<p style=font-size:16px;>Anupam Bagchi<br>EHS Head

Anupam Bagchi
EHS Head

<p style=font-size:16px;>Dr. T. Yogeswara<br>Safety Adviser

Dr. T. Yogeswara
Safety Adviser

<p style=font-size:16px;>Prakash Jayaram<br>Manager Safety

Prakash Jayaram
Manager Safety

<p style=font-size:16px;>Akash A Shah<br>Head EHS

Akash A Shah
Head EHS

<p style=font-size:16px;>Shailesh Gupta<br>EHS Manager

Shailesh Gupta
EHS Manager

<p style=font-size:16px;>Sanjeev Chamoli<br>Head HSE

Sanjeev Chamoli
Head HSE

<p style=font-size:16px;>Sujeet Kumar<br>GM Safety

Sujeet Kumar
GM Safety

Industry's Views

The comprehensive approach detailed in the book regarding the Lockout Tagout system revolutionized our safety protocols. Its emphasis on MSP creation, employee training, and SOPs has made a significant difference.

Jignesh Panchal
Sterlite Power, Silvassa


Your book sheds light on the essential LOTO system. It expains the significance of using LOTO as a defense mechanism in high-risk situations. A must-read for ensuring the safety of operations and staff.

Bijay Kumar
Senior Safety Officer, IndianOil Skytanking


An in-depth guide on lockout/tagout procedures, this book is a blueprint for eliminating workplace risks. I feel the most deserving tag worth to this book is “Avoid deadly injuries by preventing unintentional equipment start-up".

Dr. R K Sharma
Head-Sustainability, India Glycols Limited


Energy can be both life-sustaining and hazardous. The LOTO system is crucial for safety. This book, with its vast knowledge, is a preventive tool against potential accidents. Kudos to Dr. Nalni Gulati & E-Square Alliance.

Rupesh Kumar Srivastava
CLP Power India Pvt Ltd


In the age of Industry 4.0, locking out devices before maintenance is vital. The LOTO system stands as a key for safety. By embracing LOTO culture, we can aim for an accident-free industry.

Mahindra Two Wheelers


Beyond electricity, energies like steam and water can be threats. The LOTO system safeguards both equipment and personnel. This book offers best practices, aiming for a safer work environment."

Rahul Khairnar
Executive HSE, VKL Seasoning Pvt. Ltd.


LOTO is an essential safety shield for organizations. This book is a pioneering comprehensive guide on LOTO. I appreciate the author's efforts and encourage its worldwide readership.

Moti Lal Sharma
Manager - EHS, Normet India Pvt Ltd.


Dr. Nalni Gulati's Lockout Tagout book, tailored for the industrial sector, is a commendable endeavor. It promises vast benefits for the community, directing towards industry-centric safety standards.

Rajeev Kumar
DY. Manger, EHS: Subros Noida


Safety is paramount in all industrial activities. Implementing Lockout and Tagout (LOTO) correctly saves lives and machinery. This book, with its focus on correct procedures, is a treasure for the industry.

Peeyush Karambelkar
Head Operations, MCCPL


LOTO enhances workplace safety, especially during maintenance. It helps protect workers from life-threatening accidents and emphasizes the importance of energy isolation. This book is an industry asset.

Manish Joshi
EHS Executive, Rane NSK Steering Systems Pvt. Ltd.


LOTO is a trusted system for energy isolation to prevent accidents. Numerous global incidents reflect the lack of LOTO awareness. This book is a frontline guide for enhancing safety knowledge.

Koushik Singha Roy


Dr. Nalni Gulati's efforts in safeguarding lives are commendable. As a safety professional and in person “I will always remian indebted to Dr. Nalni Gulati for her efforts & journey in saving lives.

Mr. Sharad Vishwakarma
B. Sc. (Chemistry), PGDISM, PGDEM


Dr. Nalni Gulati's book on LOTO in Hindi is timely and essential. Rooted in Indian regulations and global standards, it's a guide to ensuring safety. This book is the first of its kind in our country, in our mother tongue.

DC Saxena
Head - HSE, Indian Synthetic Rubber Ltd.


Dr. Gulati's book highlights common LOTO mistakes, which is crucial and unique. It's not just for safety professionals but for every worker. It's an exceptional contribution in Hindi for better comprehension.

Vineet Kumar Tripathi
Unit EHS lead, Zydus Wellness


LOTO is an essential practice that blocks hazardous energies and ensures safety. With the inclusion of 'Test Out', the concept of LOTOTO becomes comprehensive. Kudos to Dr. Gulati for fostering a safe workplaces.

Akhalesh Sharma
Associate Manager Maintenance & Engineering, Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt. Ltd.


Your book on LOTO errors is commendable. Writing about the challenges of LOTO shows her commitment and expertise in the field. Your work will inspire many, and I applaud your dedication to the cause of safety.

Shibin Joy Karikara
EHS Practitioner


Dr. Nalni Gulati's LOTO book offers a thorough explanation of LOTO's significance in preventing injuries and damages. This book is a treasure trove of insights, especially for emerging safety professionals.

Mr. Somendra Solanki
Fire and Safety, Chambal Fertilisers


I've collaborated with E-Square Alliance for over a decade, witnessing their valuable contribution to implementing best safety practices. Their commitment and reports stand out, and I wish them continued success.

Mr. Devendra Dhami
Head - EHS, UPL


LOTOTO is akin to holding your life's safety key. Like locking our homes for security, LOTOTO ensures safety at workplaces. I deeply appreciate Dr. Nalni Gulati's initiative in promoting this life-saving practice.

Yuvarajan. R
EHS, Rotork Controls


LOTO is indispensable for ensuring safety against hazardous energy releases. LOTO standards emphasize an employer's duty to train employees comprehensively, ensuring they understand and follow safety procedures.

Ranvir Dhanker
EHS Influencer, Donaldson


This LOTO book amalgamates case studies and best practices, offering a practical guide for accident prevention. A very useful book with practical guidance -Which will definitely be a success in accident prevention.

Mr. Gowtham Subramanya


LOTO plays a pivotal role in ensure safety at work. It’s a good practical approach to club in one place which could provide great guidance to the people working in operation near the hazardous energy sources.

Nishith Dave
Cluster Manager - Safety


The book should reach all workers who really need to understand hazard and risk associated with work and in this case importance of LOTO for energy control. Highly appreciate effort of E-Square for creating awareness.

Vijay Kumar
Sr General Manager- Corporate Safety, UltraTech Cement Limited


LOTO standards are essential in industries. Numerous accidents have occurred due to non-adherence. E-Square Alliance offers a comprehensive LOTO solution, playing a significant role in safeguarding employees.

Anil Kumar
Team Leader - Safety, Schreiber Dynamix Dairies Pvt. Ltd.



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