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User-friendly, Cloud-Based Digital LOTO Software

Empowers you to easily create & manage digital, graphical
machine specific procedures at work.

LOTO MSP: Lockout Procedure Writing Software

Welcome to the future of lockout tagout safety management with E-Square's LOTO MSP software. In the modern industrial world, the safety of workers and compliance with regulatory standards is paramount. LOTO MSP, a cloud-based solution, enables you to create and manage digital, graphical, machine-specific lockout tagout procedures with ease. Designed with a focus on safety and efficiency, our software serves as your reliable companion in maintaining a safe and compliant workplace.

Over the past two decades, lockout tagout has remained a crucial aspect of OSHA's Top 10 list, and non-compliance has led to hefty penalties. With E-Square's LOTO MSP software, we bring together our extensive expertise and innovative technology to help you build a proactive safety culture. Our software empowers you to optimize your lockout tagout procedures, thereby reducing risks, ensuring employee safety, and achieving regulatory compliance with ANSI and OSHA standards.

Empowering You with Customizable, Digital LOTO Procedures

With our LOTO MSP software, your lockout tagout procedures become a breeze to manage. The software allows you to upload and embed images directly into the procedures, highlighting specific isolation points. Our user-friendly platform enables the generation of print-ready PDF exports that are professional and ready for lamination and installation. You’re not just creating procedures; you’re crafting a visual guide to safety.

Effortless Collaboration & Centralized Management with Our Cloud-Based Solution

Working as a team has never been easier. Our LOTO MSP software allows for real-time collaboration between teams of varying sizes, with multiple user settings available. Admin, Writer, and Read-only permissions ensure everyone has access according to their role. Moreover, our software is cloud-based, allowing you to store, track, and manage procedures in one centralized location, protected by Google Cloud’s secure-by-design infrastructure.

Ensure Compliance & Improve Operational Efficiency with LOTO MSP

Regulatory compliance doesn’t have to be a headache. Our software is designed to ensure that your printed procedures meet the best-practice format demonstrated in ANSI Z244.1-2016 & OSHA 1910.147. LOTO MSP software enhances your operational efficiency, offers quick access to a database of templates, graphics, and information in the form of drop-down menus, allowing users to prepare customized lockout tagout procedures in minutes.

LOTO MSP: Your Trusted Partner for Consistent and Quality Procedures

Stay ahead of the curve with LOTO MSP. Our software provides actionable steps to carry out hazardous energy isolation and facilitates stronger governance, performance, and accountability. It ensures your lockout procedures are integrated, complete, consistent, updated, and validated by competent persons. With LOTO MSP, rest assured your procedures are easy-to-follow, and compliant with ANSI & OSHA standards.

Discover How LOTO MSP Software works?


Capture, attach and upload digital images of relevant hazardous energy sources into the software.


Choose your layout, accurately fill in all relevant equipment information, and select the correct LOTO device.


Once created, the procedure is ready to be reviewed and approved by a competent person.


After approval, your LOTO MSP PDF is ready to be printed and posted near the machine or equipment.

Get Started with LOTO MSP Software!

Accelerate and Optimize your Lockout Tagout Process

1. Save Money

With the support of advanced technology, we can now create LOTO procedures at one-third (1/3) the cost of a manual procedure.

4. Safer Workplace

Easily create, store and communicate accurate and transparent instructions to worker with standardised procedures.

2. Ensure Legal Compliance

Create OSHA & ANSI compliant procedures. Eliminate the costs of non-compliance, including penalties and reputational damage.

5. Virtual Filing Cabinet

LOTO procedures are stored in a central and secure cloud-based system that’s easily accessible for employees.

3. Maximise Time Efficiency

Save time in different stages of lockout management. Increase operational intelligence with quality and consistent procedures.

6. Audit Management

Consistently track the reliability of each procedure with annual audit date stamps at the bottom of each procedure.

Accelerate and Optimize your Lockout Tagout Process

Create a safer and smarter workplace with E-Square’s LOTO MSP Software!

Experience the power of digital transformation in safety management with E-Square's LOTO MSP Software. Join the revolution and redefine your approach to LOTO procedures.

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