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Lockout Tagout Leadership Video Episode 3 - Interview with Mr. Birendra Verma (Adani Group)

"Leadership is practised not so much in words as in attitude and in actions." - Harold S. Geneen

One of the most essential features for developing a sound safety culture is leadership and commitment from the top management, which is genuine and visible. These leaders inspire their team to take action by creating an environment which encourages safe behaviour. Their aim is not to simply avoid accidents but to motivate and empower people to work safely. The vision, values and beliefs of inspiring leaders become the shared 'common knowledge' for all.

It is our honour to have interviewed one such inspiring safety leader Mr. Birendra Verma, who relentlessly drives the message of working safely in all that he does.

With a strong focus on proactive reduction in exposure to hazardous energies at work, Mr. Birendra Verma has encouraged and lead his team at Adani to have a responsible and matured approach towards positive isolation safety.

E-Square has been working closely with the Adani group to support them in enhancing their safety management system. Together, we are forging ahead to achieve the target of zero incidents related to exposure of hazardous energies.

Watch this video to learn how Adani Group is continuously improving its standards to control hazardous energies at work with E-Square - ADANI LOTO LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY.

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