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Survey for Identification and
Control of Hazardous Energies

E-Square's Lockout expert engineers gather information of energy
sources to be controlled, determine precise locations, and suggest
the perfect LOTO devices to lay the foundation for a successful
LOTO program.

Lockout Tagout Site Survey

As machines, equipment and process technologies continuously advance, the energy sources driving these machines are also becoming more powerful and sophisticated, making servicing and maintenance tasks more demanding, complex and often more dangerous. Therefore, all the various hazardous energy sources (many of which may be hidden and not be easily located) must be appropriately identified and isolated before commencing maintenance tasks. However, locating all the hazardous energy sources and choosing the correct lockout tagout device among various solutions can be a daunting and complex process. Getting it wrong can be costly, not only financially but also in terms of risk to the safety of workers.

This is where E-Square’s Professional Site-Survey Service comes in! With over 22 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of various industries, our specialist engineers know the Lockout Tagout codes and standards inside out and visit your site to help you identify all forms of potentially hazardous energies. Furthermore, they assess all the hazardous areas, study the machines in question, hold discussions with managers, operators and maintenance engineers, and then recommend the most suitable devices and solutions for a systematic Lockout Tagout implementation.

No matter how complex and demanding the tasks may be, we work with you to fix the issues at the root level rather than a quick-fix solution to address the symptoms of the problems. A Lockout Tagout site survey shall give your facility a strong foundation for energy isolation upon which you can continuously build.

Helping you identify the hazards

Our highly qualified and experienced specialists have worked closely with a variety of industries and keep an ear to the ground, allowing them to recognise your industry’s unique challenges and legislative requirements. They take into account all identified hazards, energy sources and energy-isolating devices to learn about your site’s unique challenges and recommend the best techniques and devices to meet your Lockout Tagout needs.

The Complete Solution

Once our experts have identified all the potential hazards and gathered all the relevant information, we then begin providing a solution to eliminate them. Based on our findings, we develop a comprehensive action plan, prioritising the areas deemed as “critical” and identify suitable Lockout Tagout devices for your site while taking into account – Environment, Frequency of use, Task, Level of risk, Level of Training, Compliance, and Best Practices.

Detailed Site Survey Report

After completing the survey, our technical team evaluates your current situation and provides a comprehensive site survey report detailing our observations and evidence gathered during the survey. This document will show how you can comply with the regulations, increase worker protection, lower risks and hazards, and reduce liability to prosecution and fines. Moreover, this extensive report becomes the indispensable ready reckoner for the senior management to always refer to for determining the next steps.

Achieve Zero Energy Release Incidents with E-Square!

Benefits of Lockout Tagout Survey

Before anyone gets hurt on the job site, a site survey identifies the problems and sets the stage for a successful Lockout Tagout program.

1. OSHA Compliance

Ensure adherence to regulatory standards, avoiding fines and penalties.

4. Cost Savings

Lower expenses by avoiding accident-related costs, including compensation claims and medical expenses.

2. Operational Efficiency

Streamline processes, optimize workflows, and minimize maintenance-related downtime.

5. Injury Prevention

Reduce workplace accidents, protecting employees and reducing downtime.

3. Employee Training

Evaluate and enhance worker training programs, improving LOTO procedure competency.

6. Continuous Improvement

Identify and address gaps, ensuring ongoing advancements in safety and efficiency.

Benefits of Lockout Tagout Survey

Discover why industry leaders choose E-Square's Lockout Tagout Site-Survey?

It’s our unmatched experience, innovative approach, and dedication to safety that sets us apart.

22 +
Years of Experience
Industrial Sites Surveyed
95 %
Reduction in LOTO-related incidents

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