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Re-engineering Safety with
E-Square’s Installation Service

Strengthen your safety protocols by retrofitting existing machinery to be LOTO Compatible.

Lockout Tagout Installation Service

In a world where industrial safety norms are continually evolving, standing still is not an option. E-Square, a global leader in Lockout Tagout (LOTO) solutions, offers an exclusive service of installing provision on electrical panels and valves for locking out the energy isolating devices – whether electrical or mechanical. Through this service, we modify, retrofit and modernize your existing machinery to be LOTO compatible, saving huge costs of replacing/changing the existing vulnerable equipment and helping your business stay ahead in the safety compliance game.

We understand the challenges posed by the necessity to comply with stringent safety regulations like OSHA, which mandate that all machines and equipment should be LOTO compatible after 2nd January, 1990. However, retrofitting old machinery can often seem a daunting task. That's where E-Square's three-decade expertise comes into play. Our highly skilled Installation Engineers, equipped with innovative devices, meticulously retrofit your old panels and valves, and install complex LOTO devices at your sites, making them fool proof and in line with the best safety practices.

Retrofitting for Compliance and Safety

Retrofitting is not merely a process, but an investment in safety and compliance. When old panels and valves get retrofitted, they are transformed from being non-compliant and potentially hazardous, to safe, LOTO-compatible equipment. 

With E-Square’s expert retrofitting, the machines become safer without the need for replacement. Our installation engineers use a range of innovative devices for retrofitting, ensuring that the risk level is as low as reasonably practicable. We have successfully retrofitted numerous industries and through this service, we continue to foster safer working environments globally.

Significant Cost Savings

With a thoughtful retrofitting and installation service, there’s no need to replace old machines entirely. At E-Square, we understand that modernizing can be a significant expense. That’s why we’re committed to helping you save costs and yet meet safety guidelines. Retrofitting brings old machinery up to current safety standards, increases their productivity, and is considerably less expensive than buying new machines.

The return on investment is also swift, as production efficiency is restored and potentially expensive legal issues related to safety compliance are avoided. By opting for E-Square’s installation and implementation service, companies can complete their objectives at 1/8th the cost and in less time compared to replacing machines.

Expertise in Complex LOTO Installations

Not all Lockout Tagout devices are simple to install. Larger or seemingly intricate devices, can pose a challenge to those unfamiliar with them. Our Installation Engineers, backed by their extensive experience, have the skills and knowledge to handle such installations seamlessly. This means your organization can confidently implement comprehensive LOTO procedures, knowing all devices have been properly and professionally installed.

Achieve LOTO compatibility in shortest time span!

Why to get E-Square’s LOTO INSTALLATION Service?

In the complex world of Lockout-Tagout implementation, only one name stands as the unrivaled leader - E-Square. Our top-tier "LOTO INSTALLATION" service is an exclusive offering, brought to you by a team of seasoned professionals who have devoted years to mastering the intricacies of LOTO procedures.

1. Expert Installation

With over 50,000 hours of safe and successful installations, our team's expertise is unrivaled. The task may be complex, but our seasoned professionals make it seem effortless.

4. Safety Compliance

We help you navigate through the maze of safety regulations, protecting you from potential fines and ensuring your equipment is LOTO compliant.

2. Cost Efficiency

Our service is an economically smart solution, retrofitting your machinery to be LOTO compatible, which is much more cost-effective than complete equipment replacement.

5. Time-Saving

We know time is money. Our Installation Engineers are so experienced that they can get your safety goals met in just 1/8th of the time, all while ensuring smooth operational continuity.

3. Risk Reduction

Our team knows where problems can hide. By getting us onboard, you're making sure the chances of accidents drop way down.

6. Longevity

Retrofitting doesn't just ensure safety; it extends the lifespan of your equipment. This way, you can maximize the return on your initial investment.

Why to get E-Square’s LOTO INSTALLATION Service?

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