Universal Fuse Holder Lockout – Red


A versatile Universal Fuse Holder Lockout in striking red, perfect for all fuse holders ranging from 20A to 400A, crafted from robust nylon and ZP metal for enhanced durability.

  • Universal compatibility with fuse holders from 20A to 400A
  • Secure clamp design for easy lockout application
  • Allows placement of a LOTO padlock

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Universally designed to fit all fuse holders from 20A to 400A
  • Fuse carriers can be locked off by using this device.
  • Clamp lockout device onto the fuse holder using a small screwdriver.
  • Features a built-in hole for padlock attachment, adding an extra layer of security
  • Made from robust nylon plastic with a ZP metal set screw for durability
  • Helps prevent unintended energization of an energy source