Fuse Holder Lockout Device – Wide Grip Type


The Wide Grip Type Fuse Holder Lockout is a secure device designed to lockout fuse holders from 20A to 400A, ensuring safety against unintended energization.

  • Universal safety lockout device for varied fuse holders
  • Ensures secure lockout using a small screwdriver
  • Allows placement of a LOTO padlock

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Universal Lockout Device can help prevent un-intended energization of energy source.
  • Fuse carriers can be locked off by using this device.
  • Clamp lockout device onto the fuse holder using a small screwdriver.
  • Place a padlock through the hole to prevent access to the set screw.
  • One size locks out – Fuse Holders from 20 A to 400 A.
  • Nylon Plastic with ZP Metal Set screw.