Round Fuse Holder Dummy Kit – Set of RFHD 2, 3 and Operating Tool (ES-OT-FH)


A comprehensive kit including Round Fuse Holder Dummy 2, Round Fuse Holder Dummy 3, and an operating tool, designed to enhance safety in power operations.

  • Contains both DII/KII and DIII/KIII Fuse holder compatible devices
  • Constructed from durable ABS and Polycarbonate
  • Designed with a highly-visible red colour for easy recognition

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Product Description

  • This Kit contains 3 pieces: Round Fuse Holder Dummy 2, Round Fuse Holder Dummy 3, and Operating Tool.
  • The Round/Bottle Fuse Holder Dummy are specifically designed to prevent unauthorized or accidental re-activation of power in fuse bases.
  • Suitable for: DII/KII (D2, K2) Fuse holder (E27) and DIII/KIII (D3, K3) Fuse holder (E33).
  • The devices are placed into compatible fuse bases using a specially designed Operating Tool -> ES-OT-FH (included).
  • The devices are made of durable materials, including ABS, and Polycarbonate components.
  • The devices are non-conductive, providing an additional safety measure by preventing the flow of electrical current.
  • These devices can withstand a wide temperature range, from 4°C to 121°C.
  • The devices are designed in a highly-visible red colour, ensuring that all individuals in the area can easily recognize that the fuse has been locked out for safety purposes.