Smart Group Lock Box for 13 Locks with Double Window


A smart and innovative Group Lock Box designed to enhance safety and efficiency in lockout/tagout procedures. This medium-sized, red-coloured lockout box features a unique double window design, offering visibility and control of keys or components stored inside.

  • Accommodates up to 13 padlocks.
  • Transparent double window facade for easy viewing of contents.
  • Constructed from robust special-grade metallic sheets

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Equipped with a double window system, allowing easy viewing of contents inside.
  • Made of special grade Metallic Sheet for durability and strength.
  • Duly Powder Coated in red colour as standard, with options for other colours like Yellow / Blue / Green available upon request with minimum quantity required.
  • Multiple slots in the box body and its flap are provided for holding lockout padlocks during group lockouts, allowing up to 13 workers to attach their individual padlocks to the box.
  • Extra padlock can be installed on the locking buckle for additional security.
  • Ergonomic Stainless-Steel handle on the top side for easy handling and carrying.
  • Customization options available on request for lockout messages in different languages, company logos, and department names.
  • Each piece is individually packed in white corrugated boxes, and the master carton contains 10 pieces.