Group Lock Box – Slider 26


The Group Lock Box – Slider 26 is a large lockout box, featuring a clear fascia top for the easy identification of stored lockout devices.

  • Large size for accommodating critical machine parts, keys, fuses, and more
  • Clear fascia top for visibility of stored lockout devices
  • Securely locks with up to 26 individual padlocks

100000 in stock

Product Description

The Group Lock Box – Slider 26 is a larger-sized lockout box designed to securely store critical parts of machinery along with keys, fuses, and other lockout devices. This lockout box is equipped with a clear fascia top, allowing users to have a clear view of the lockout devices kept inside, making it easier to identify the required equipment during lockout procedures.


Key Features:

  • Made of special grade Metallic Sheet, ensuring durability and strength.
  • Bigger size to accommodate critical parts of machinery, keys, fuses, etc.
  • Clear Fascia Top provides visibility of lockout devices stored inside the box.
  • Duly Powder Coated, with the standard colour being Red, and options for Yellow / Blue / Green or other colours available upon request with minimum quantity required.
  • 26 slots in the box body and its flap for holding lockout padlocks during group lockouts.
  • Lockout message is typically printed in English, but customization is available to include other Regional Languages, Company Logos, or Department Names as per request.
  • Each piece is individually packed in white corrugated boxes.