Wall Mount Storage with Group Lock Box – Medium


Medium-sized wall-mounted storage unit with group lockbox, offering an array of hooks and a shelf for a comprehensive lockout device organization and storage system.

  • Enhanced security with lockable steel cabinet
  • Handy reference label for lockout procedures
  • Clear window for quick identification of locked-out keys

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Product Description

  • The wall mount storage/group lock box provides a centralized location for storing all lockout devices, organized department-wise.
  • The lockable steel cabinet enhances security and reduces the risk of theft, keeping LOTO supplies secure.
  • The steel cabinet features hooks for small items like tags or padlocks and a shelf for larger lockouts.
  • Group lockout becomes easier and more efficient with the use of this lock box, promoting safety and effective communication within the facility.
  • A label on the inside door serves as a handy reference, providing 10 basic steps for lockout procedures.
  • The lock box can be ordered filled with lockout devices or unfilled to accommodate your own supplies.
  • Also available in small and large sizes to meet various lockout needs.
  • It is ideal for facilities with large groups or multiple equipment requiring lockout.
  • The clear window allows visibility of the locked-out keys, facilitating quick identification.
  • Once the last lock is removed, the clear polycarbonate panel slides to access the keys stored inside.
  • Pre-drilled holes and hardware are included for easy wall mounting.