Lockout Tagout – 1 Pocket Belt Pouch – Black


A compact belt-friendly pouch designed for swift access to crucial lockout/tagout devices, ensuring portability for users on the move.

  • Singular pocket lockout/tagout kit pouch.
  • Made from resilient, lightweight materials.
  • Designed with a secure zipper and convenience in mind.

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Product Description

The Lockout Tagout – 1 Pocket – Belt Pouch is a compact and convenient pouch designed to be worn on a belt, providing easy access to essential lockout/tagout tools and equipment. It is specifically made for storing a few lockout/tagout essentials, making it a handy and portable solution for workers who need quick access to their lockout devices.

  • Standalone lockout tagout kit pouch.
  • The pouch is made of lightweight and durable materials, ensuring easy portability and convenience during work activities.
  • Convenient design with zipper to secure items
  • The pouch is suitable for workers who need to move between different equipment or machinery for lockout/tagout procedures. It allows them to carry the necessary tools with ease.