Shoulder Bag Zipper Pouch


A sturdy, waterproof nylon shoulder bag tailored for lockout/tagout equipment storage and transport.

  • Durable sling for shoulder carrying.
  • Customizable design and appearance.
  • Features a fabric sling for easily carrying

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Product Description

A durable shoulder bag designed to house a selection of lockout/tagout (LOTO) equipment. Available in yellow colour and is made of highly durable waterproof rubberized nylon cloth, ensuring it can withstand tough conditions and won’t easily split or tear. The pouch is ideal for organizing and carrying various lockout devices and tools needed for LOTO procedures.

  • Standalone lockout tagout bag.
  • Features a fabric sling for easily carrying around the shoulders.
  • The bag can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers, including the addition of logos, text, and graphics in various languages.
  • Create Customized Lockout Kits: Customers have the option to create their own customized lockout kits by selecting a suitable carrying case from the available options and filling it with their preferred lockout devices and tools. Required products can be chose from our website.
  • We welcome any other or new design requests for bags from customers. We’d be happy to develop and produce custom bags according to specific requirements. *MOQ Applicable