Lockable Ratchet Strap Tower Skirt Confined Space Cover – Small


Versatile solution for securing confined spaces with clear warning signs and barrier capabilities. Comes in various sizes.

  • Designed for securing confined spaces in outdoor environments
  • Lightweight, reusable, and durable construction for longevity
  • Offers customization for specific sizes, languages, and text

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Product Description

E-Square’s Lockable Ratchet Strap Tower Skirt Covers – Small are a versatile solution to securing confined space openings, offering both a clear warning sign and a barrier in one easy-to-use product. They are especially suitable for manways that need to be secured but lack a flange.

The Lockable Ratchet Strap Tower Skirt Covers come in a set, including one confined space cover and two heavy-duty ratchets. Each ratchet is equipped with 1.5-inch nylon straps secured by a grommet/eyelet. Additional covers can be purchased separately to secure multiple confined spaces on the same tower skirt with the same set of ratchets.

  • Creates a lockable barrier to keep out animals, trash, debris and co-workers from unauthorised entry.
  • They are designed for long-term outdoor exposure.
  • Lightweight, reusable, durable and easy to clean/store.
  • Provides warning as per OSHA requirements.
  • Suitable for various sizes of confined holes.
  • They are used as part of the manhole protection system.
  • Made from bright red, solid PVC coated polyester fabric, and comes with industrial strength ratchets with 1.5″ wide x 26″ long nylon strapping attached with a grommet/eyelet. This fits up to columns/skirts up to 8″ in diameter.
  • Custom sizes and sign in different languages, colours, text can be made and supplied.
  • *Size measurements indicated refer to the cover inseam dimensions.