Sign-o-Barrier Stainless Steel for upto 20-inch Confined Space Opening


Robust solution for restricting access to hazardous confined spaces, equipped with a warning sign for awareness.

  • Made from a sturdy 1.2 mm stainless steel sheet for stability
  • Features scissor-like mechanism for easy installation and storage
  • Lockout Tagout variant available at additional cost

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Product Description

Entry into confined spaces presents serious hazards for the employees, creating a risk of death or severe injury. E-Square’s Sign-o-Barrier Stainless Steel provides a sturdy and robust solution to restrict unauthorised employees’ access by placing a durable physical barrier at the opening. In addition, it comes with a warning sign instructing passers-by and co-workers not to enter and indicates a potential hazard or condition requiring special attention.

  • The Sign-o-Barrier SS is made from Stainless Steel sheet of 1.2 mm and provides a stable and firm solution.
  • It can be firmly attached to the confined space opening using nuts and bolts. (Includes hardware – 4 nuts and 4 bolts)
  • The four arms of the barrier have a scissor-like mechanism that allows the user to install and store the barrier easily.
  • Comes along with a warning sign (Different signs available).
  • Suitable for various sizes of confined space openings (20″ to 40″).
  • Sizes available:

    (i) A: For 20-inch confined space opening (ES-SOB-SS-20)
    (ii) B: For up to 40-inch confined space opening (ES-SOB-SS-40)

  • The Sign-o-Barrier SS is also available with a Lockout Tagout system to secure the barrier and protect against unauthorised removal. Simply thread a steel wire through the special nuts placed on the arms of the barrier and lockout using cable lockout ES-SMCL. (Supplied with 2.5 or 3.5-meter cable) (3 mm cable dia.)
  • Can be customised