Elastic Non-Lockable Ventilated Confined Space Cover – Small (Dia. 20” to 23”)


Featuring an elastic band, these easy slip-on covers provide a fast and effective solution to prevent unauthorized access during routine operations or shutdowns.

  • Easy-to-use design with elastic rim for quick application
  • Surpasses OSHA standards for Permit-Required Confined Space
  • Ventilated design for airflow; reusable and easy to clean

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Product Description

E-Square’s Elastic Non-lockable Ventilated Confined Space Covers – Small feature an elastic band for easy slip-on and slip-off application, making it a perfect solution for preventing unauthorized entry during everyday operations, turnarounds/shutdowns and outages.

It is constructed from special strong polyester perforated cloth and is designed for high traffic confined spaces. Its elastic band runs the entire diameter of the cover for a secure fit, and the cover comes along with a visual warning sign to warn the passers-by and co-workers and reduce the risk of breach.

  • Easy-to-use, elastic rimmed cover slips over the flange of confined space for quick application.
  • Provides OSHA required signage to warn affected workers of confined space hazards
  • Exceeds OSHA 29CFR 1910.146 Standard for Permit-Required Confined Space.
  • Mesh material provides ventilation to allow for airflow.
  • Keeps unwanted materials from entering the confined space, including litter, debris and pests.
  • Reusable covers are easily cleaned and stored.
  • Covers manufactured in bright red colour for high visibility.
  • Custom sizes, shapes, styles and signage are also available. *MOQ applicable.
  • Besides all the options mentioned above, reflective or photo luminescent strips can also be installed on these covers for extra safety depending on the locations – indoor/outdoor at an additional price. Minimum order of 10 no. customised size can be accepted.
  • Product price can vary depending on the size, the material used, quantities ordered, sign specifications and style or other special features or specifications.
  • For more visibility, fluorescent yellow colour is also available.