Yellow Tag Holder for Scaffolding Tags


The Yellow Tag Holder for Scaffolding streamlines scaffolding inspection procedures and aids in identifying working-at-height hazards in construction and industrial sectors.

  • Suitable for tube & clip or system scaffolding.
  • Features a finger lift for effortless tag removal.
  • Custom printing available based on customer requirements.

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Product Description

The ES-YTH Yellow Tag Holder for Scaffolding Tags is a premier solution for efficiently managing scaffolding inspection procedures and identifying potential working-at-height hazards. Designed to be used with corresponding tags or inserts, this tag holder ensures a safer working environment in construction and industrial settings.

  • Simple to use with a round or universal head, compatible with tube & clip or system scaffolding.
  • Finger lift feature for easier removal of the tag or insert during inspections.
  • Available in durable materials such as PP, ABS, or NYLON based on customer requirements and installation location.
  • Temperature-resistant within the range of -20°C to +80°C for reliable performance in various conditions.
  • Additional cable tie attachment or screw option at the top and bottom of the holder for enhanced security, depending on location and viability.
  • Each pack contains 10 Holders.
  • Dimensions: 325 mm (height) x 155 mm (width) x 6 mm (depth).
  • Printing on the Yellow Tag Holders is done as per the requirements of the customer / site / process, etc.