Scaffolding Tags – Prohibition Notice


Specifically designed Prohibition Notice inserts signalling scaffold’s unsuitability for use, aiding in hazard prevention and inspection management.

  • Weatherproof plastic tag inserts providing clear inspection tracking.
  • Supports the internationally recognized Scaffold Management System.
  • Customization options available for orders exceeding 200 tags.

100000 in stock

Product Description

The Prohibition Notice insert is specifically designed to indicate that the scaffold is not safe for use. It helps prevent working at height hazards and efficiently manages inspection procedures. The tag should be used in combination with a set of barriers and should only be removed when extensive checks have been done on the scaffold’s structural integrity.

  • Dimensions: 94mm (width) x 200mm (length), offering sufficient space for comprehensive information.
  • Durable and weatherproof plastic tag inserts provide a clear inspection trail, ensuring integrity and control of work carried out on the scaffold.
  • Aids in saving valuable time when preparing safety audits and is crucial for companies working with ISO9000 clients.
  • One pack includes 10 Tag inserts; tag holders are sold separately.
  • The Scaffold Management System is internationally recognized and used to assist with the control of scaffolding from the first build to dismantle.
  • For orders of over 200 tags, customization options are available. Your company information, logo, or other specific details can be incorporated into the tags. For more information on customization, please contact us.