Scaffolding Tags for White and Yellow Tag Holder


These Scaffolding Tags, designed for the Yellow Scaffolding Tag Holder, offer a robust system for hazard identification and inspection management on construction and industrial sites.

  • Clear warnings with emphasized mandatory duties.
  • Initial inspection record prominently displayed.
  • Enhanced security through additional cable tie hole provision.

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Product Description

The Scaffolding Tags are designed to be used with the Yellow/White Scaffolding Tag Holder, offering an effective system for identifying working-at-height hazards and managing inspection procedures. These tags are essential for ensuring a safer working environment in construction and industrial sites.

  • Easier to read with clear warnings and mandatory duties to follow.
  • Initial inspection record is visible on the front of the tag/insert.
  • Important information is not hindered by the side lugs of the holder, ensuring easy readability.
  • Additional cable tie hole can be provided to secure the insert to the holder, enhancing security.
  • Each pack contains 10 tag inserts.
  • Dimensions: 196 mm (height) x 148 mm (width) x 6 mm (depth).