PVC LOTO Tool Box for Storing Lockout Devices


PVC tool box, innovatively designed for safely housing and transporting lockout/tagout equipment.

  • Durable plastic build with a foldable handle.
  • Removable storage tray feature.
  • Water-resistant with an aesthetically pleasing rounded edge design.

100000 in stock

Product Description

The ES-LTB PVC LOTO Tool Box is a durable and lightweight plastic toolbox designed specifically for storing and carrying lockout/tagout (LOTO) equipment. It offers a convenient and secure solution for organizing and transporting LOTO devices, ensuring that they are readily available for use during lockout/tagout procedures.

  • Standalone lockout tagout tool box.
  • Strong light weight plastic construction with foldable carry handle.
  • Removable storage tray with carry handle.
  • Padlock able compact design.
  • Rounded edge with attractive appearance, water-resistant.
  • Available in different sizes / colour combinations.
  • *Design of Boxes are subject to change, depending on their availability.