Pin and Sleeve Plug Lockout Device


The ES-P&S-PL is a versatile Pin & Sleeve Plug Lockout device, designed to restrict plug insertion into energy sources effectively. Made from high-visibility yellow polypropylene.

  • Easy and secure attachment to male plugs
  • Universally compatible with all plug sizes
  • Reliable and ensures long-lasting performance

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Product Description

  • The Pin & Sleeve Plug Lockout (ES-P&S-PL) is a device designed to effectively prevent the insertion of plugs into energy sources, providing a simple means of isolating access to plugs and adapters.
  • Easy Application: The device is attached to the outer circular wall of the male plug, securely holding the protruded portion of the plug wall. This prevents the plug from being inserted into the socket.
  • Universal Compatibility: The lockout is designed to work with all sizes of plugs, making it a versatile solution for various applications.
  • Compliant with OSHA Lockout / Tagout regulation 29CFR 1910.147 Compliant.
  • Made in High-visibility yellow colour for easy identification. 
  • This reusable and durable product is made from polypropylene.