Metallic Extendable Crescent Pole


Essential accessory for safe and easy installation of safety hooks and cables at heights, enhancing workplace safety and efficiency.

  • Adjustable length for varied user requirements
  • Prevents unnecessary risk-taking during installation
  • Ensures the longevity of cables and safety hooks

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Product Description

The Metallic Extendable Crescent Pole is an accessory that enables users to extend their reach to hang safety hooks and cables from heights up to 4 m. The range extender pole has a half-moon-shaped steel hook at the top with an increased surface area to pick and hang safety hooks and cables.

The pole has an adjusting turn button that allows it to change its length as per the user’s particular requirements. The Metallic Extendable Crescent Pole is beneficial when the user cannot reach the intended location to install safety hooks and cables. It prevents users from putting themselves in danger in order to install them.

This accessory helps the users to effectively use safety hooks, and it can be used repeatedly without deteriorating your safety hooks or cables.

  • Safe and effective
  • Maintenance free
  • Contributes to a safe working culture
  • Does not deteriorate cables or safety hooks
  • Compliments cable management system