Anchor Multipurpose Hook


A versatile ABS plastic hook, perfect for suspending electrical leads, cables, and hoses in various settings.

  • Non-conductive and highly visible
  • Supports various-sized leads and hoses
  • Versatile design fits over multiple anchor points

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Product Description

E-Square’s Anchor Multipurpose Hook is a multipurpose, non-conducting, ABS plastic hook that is ideal for safely suspending electrical leads, cables, air hoses, and much more in industrial, construction, and commercial settings.

Its high-quality manufacturing and durability ensures a long service life in harsh working conditions. Its versatile design attaches to doors, walls, pipes, small sized scaffolds, bolts, reinforcing bars & more, providing a secure anchor point.

The Anchor Multipurpose Hook’s unique lightweight design allows the elevation of multiple cables to eliminate worksite cable trip hazards, preserve cable life, and improve worksite efficiency.

It assists health and safety practitioners in meeting stringent occupational health and safety requirements requiring the protection and suspension of leads and cables.

  • Manufactured from ABS plastic in yellow for high visibility
  • Smooth and easy to install
  • Supports various-sized leads and air hoses
  • Versatile design fits over doors, walls, small scaffoldings, reinforcing bars, and more
  • Eliminates trailing cables
  • Contributes to a safe working culture

* Available in other colours upon request (MOQ)