Metallic Blind Flange Lockout – Large


A large metallic blind flange lockout device that fits 14” to 24” diameter pipes, providing secure lockout during maintenance operations.

  • Suitable for large 14” to 24” diameter pipes
  • Provides a tight, adjustable fit to conceal flange bolts
  • Durable, red powder-coated aluminium die cast construction

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Product Description

  • The Blind Flange Lockout devices are a physical, best practice solution for pipeline maintenance. The adjustable cup allows for a secure fit that conceals and locks out access to nuts holding a blind flange in place. Workers can perform maintenance with confidence because they know that the blind, they have placed on a pipeline cannot be removed until all the workers have removed their padlocks.
  • Versatile safety lockout devices secure the flange bolts of 14″ to 24″ diameter pipes.
  • Fully conceals flange bolts preventing access to the blind until all work has been completed Adjustable device provides a tight fit, adapting to multiple flanged pipe applications.
  • Durable red powder coated aluminium die cast construction of the caps and hardened steel customised rod withstand all kind of site conditions – indoors and outdoors.
  • Eight lockout holes of the hasp, allow multiple workers to lockout device at one time.


Application Steps:

  • Start by placing the fixed side of the lockout device over the nut on one side of the blind flange.
  • Slide the movable cap onto the nut on the other side of the blind flange.
  • For single locking, you can install a padlock either in the rod provided with the lockout device or through the movable cap by penetrating the rod.
  • For multiple locking, insert the hasp (ES-HDH-84C) through the movable cap. Close the hasp and install multiple padlocks on it.