Lockout Padlock with Regular Shackle – Key Different


The ES-PRS-KD merges strength and precision with a 30mm shackle, ensuring both resilience and distinctive keying for heightened security.

  • Ensures individualized security and reduces unauthorized access.
  • Special metal alloy shackle, adeptly resistant to cutting and prying.
  • Incorporated with 5-pin tumbler cylinders, expanding key combinations.

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Top-Quality Padlocks with Enhanced Security Features.
  • Designed for tough lockout situations, providing maximum security.
  • Shackle made of special metal alloy for increased durability against cutting, prying, and twisting.
  • Equipped with 5-pin tumbler cylinders for additional keying options.
  • Available in Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Black & Orange colours.
  • Other colours available on request (*MOQ Required).
  • Each lock is supplied with 2 keys.
  • Double locking padlock with innovative laminated construction for exceptional impact resistance.


Padlock Customisation accepted, for more information – Click Here