Lockout Gripper


A versatile adhesive-backed Gripper Lockout designed for L & T breakers, providing easy switch-locking solutions in both ON and OFF positions.

  • Equipped with super strong adhesive backing for easy installation.
  • Provides a 26 x 31 mm space for locking the lever.
  • Accepts padlock for secure locking.

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Product Description

  • The Gripper Lockout is a safe and effective solution designed for locking out L & T breakers and other similar switches.
  • It can be easily installed using the super strong adhesive backing.
  • The lockout is suitable for both on and off positions of the switch.
  • To lockout the switch, a padlock should be applied on the gripper.
  • The Gripper Lockout provides a 26 x 31 mm space for locking the lever of the switch.