Blocking Bar Lockout Kit – Thick


The blocking bar lockout is typically mounted on an electrical panel or switch using a self-adhesive base, creating a physical barrier that prevents the operation of the underlying controls.

  • Locks out irregular and larger switches and touch-screen panels
  • Comes with a self-adhesive thick base
  • Straightforward, cost-effective lockout solution

100000 in stock

Product Description

These kits are suitable for locking out switches including those which are large and/or irregular, as well as securing touch-screen and/or regular panels and screens. These kits are cost-effective and easy to apply.


Each individual kit contains a combination of the following products:




2B Thick Base

2 Nos.

4 – inch Bar Red

1 No.

8 – inch Bar Red

1 No.

Blocker Hanger

1 No.