Lockable Solid Confined Space Cover – Large (Dia. 28” to 36”)


Constructed from robust materials, these are designed to establish a sturdy, physical barrier at entry points, effectively preventing unauthorized access while meeting OSHA standards.

  • Provides lockable, physical barrier against unauthorized entry
  • Adjustable and allows multiple padlocks for locking
  • Conforms with OSHA standards

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Product Description

E-Square’s Lockable Solid Confined Space Cover – Large provides a practical and sturdy solution to restrict unauthorised employees’ access by placing a durable physical barrier at the opening. The confined space covers meet and exceed OSHA regulations for confined space by providing proper signage and barrier protection, all within one easy-to-use product. It fits most entry and egress points on man-ways, heater doors, nozzles and vessel skirts. The lockable and adjustable cover is fitted over the existing flange and is secured by installing a padlock.

  • Creates a solid lockable barrier to keep out animals, dust, trash, debris and co-workers from unauthorised entry.
  • The outer rim features adjustable cable lockout, which can accommodate multiple padlocks to allow access to authorised personnel only.
  • Fully compliant with OSHA 29CFR 1910.146 standards for permit-required confined space operation by offering clear signage, as well as efficient barrier protection.
  • Made from durable materials to withstand extreme environments.
  • Reusable covers are easily cleaned and stored.
  • Suitable for various sizes of confined holes.
  • They are used as part of the manhole protection system.
  • Covers manufactured in bright red colour for high visibility.
  • Custom sizes, shapes, styles and signage are also available. *MOQ applicable.
  • Besides all the options mentioned above, reflective or photo luminescent strips can also be installed on these covers for extra safety depending on the locations – indoor/outdoor at an additional price. Minimum order of 10 no. customised size can be accepted.
  • Product price can vary depending on the size, the material used, quantities ordered, sign specifications and style or other special features or specifications.