Cylinder Electrical Plug Lockout Device


A unique cylindrical lockout device designed to prevent plugs from being inserted, suitable for any plug up to 600 volts.

  • Unique design prevents unauthorised plug-ins.
  • Compatible with any plug up to 600 volts for wider usage.
  • Comes with guidelines to ensure correct usage.

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Unique device prevents plugs from being ‘plugged in’ until intentionally removed.
  • Slip plug into the chemical-resistant plastic cylinder; close one or both cover plates for a snug fit and secure with Padlock.
  • Once the cover plates are closed, a padlock can be applied to prevent unauthorized removal of the lockout device.
  • The lockout device is suitable for use with any plug up to 600 volts. Its dimensions are approximately 5-7/8″ in height and 3″ in diameter, allowing it to accommodate various plug sizes.
  • Each lockout device is supplied with instructions, providing guidance on proper usage and installation.