Electrical Multi Plug Lockout Device


A compact and versatile lockout device designed to prevent the accidental and unauthorized energization of corded plugs.

  • Compatible with most 220-240-volt plugs.
  • Nylon construction for enhanced strength and durability.
  • Simple installation process with screw tightening

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Product Description

  • The Electrical Multi Plug Lockout is a compact and versatile device designed to prevent the accidental and unauthorised energisation of corded plugs.
  • It is compatible with most 220-240-volt plugs.
  • Simple and straightforward installation process: Attach the lockout over the prongs of the plug, tighten the screw using a small screwdriver, and secure with a padlock (padlocks sold separately) to prevent unauthorized removal of the lockout device.
  • The lockout device is constructed from nylon, which provides excellent strength and durability.