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Benefits of Lockout Tagout

dateOctober 06, 2020

LOTO is a very serious safety practice for every organization that aims to provide protection to its employees. It is designed to help improve safety in a facility. When implemented correctly, it can help to dramatically reduce the risks associated with maintenance and servicing of the machinery or equipment.

Equipment and machinery identified for LOTO are capable of unexpected start-ups, which may result in the release of hazardous energy. Can you imagine how dangerous it would be to simply leave hazardous machines or equipment out on the industrial work floor with just a verbal warning to employees not to use it? Employees may forget or simply ignore warnings and become severely injured by an unexpected outburst of hazardous energy.

This is why the lock and tag are so crucial to employee’s safety. Remember, when it comes to handling of machines or equipment while servicing, only specifically identified authorised employees such as engineers or electricians with proper maintenance training and technical backgrounds are suitable to approach and provide possible servicing.

Lockout and Tagout go hand in hand, and work the best when used together. One cannot just lockout equipment before performing maintenance and leave it without placing a tag on it. The process of Lockout Tagout is incomplete without a Tag on it. Similarly, placing a loose Tag on a machine which is capable of being locked out, again is incomplete. Because simply placing a Tag on a machine with the warning message, will not serve the purpose completely. Anyone might remove it unknowingly!

Therefore one needs to understand the importance of Lockout and Tagout, and use it religiously. It is not just a matter of compliance, but also an important investment in safety and in preventing downtime.

5 Benefits of Lockout Tagout:

1. Protects the workers from the risk of hazards and accidents:

Accidents tend to occur when Lockout Tagout is not taken seriously. Lockout Tagout acts as life saving devices, which when used properly, following the given LOTO procedures, protects the employees from the release of hazardous energies during servicing or maintenance of machines or equipment.

2. Protects the equipment, machine and workplace from damage and reduces downtime:

It is very important to make sure that we are living in a safe and accident free workplace and this can only be done if we follow Lockout Tagout procedures carefully. It reduces incidences and increases safety of machines, equipment and workplaces.

3. It shows the concern of the top management towards the safety of its employees:

Employees are the most important asset to any organization, and their safety is the sole responsibility of the employer. i.e. the Top Management. Implementation of proper Lockout Tagout procedure and a successful LOTO system at workplace, depicts the unprecedented commitment of the top management, towards its employees.

4. It builds trust and a sense of confidence in the employees:

When employees work in a risk- free environment, they feel empowered. LOTO enables every employee to reach home safely, work with confidence and a sense of security.

5. Helps in meeting the LOTO Compliance:

Companies that fail to recognize and control the machine hazards, face regulatory fines and serious consequences. Legalities related to Lockout Tagout process vary from country to country, and so do the penalties for any violation. The legal formalities, guidelines and the compliances must be met. Single incident can ruin the name and prestige of the organisation, drastically.

Who gets benefitted from Lockout Tagout?

Employees Working in & Around Machinery:

The most direct benefit from LOTO is going to be for the employees who work in and around heavy machinery. Prior to the widespread implementation of this program hundreds of people would be killed each year, and thousands more injured, because of accidents related to unintended energization of machinery while it was being worked on.

Company Owners:

The LOTO program is a requirement by OSHA in many situations. This means that all facilities need to follow it if their situation falls under the scenarios listed by the governmental agency. Any violations of these requirements results in fines and penalties, so following the LOTO processes have significant benefits.

In addition, the company benefits from the improved safety that comes with this process. Increasing safety helps to benefit the company as a whole because it reduces - down time, costs associated with fixing a machine, and much more.


Even customers will benefit from the LOTO program, though not as directly. When a facility has a serious accident or other similar event it can cause serious delays in production. In addition, this type of thing can cause damage to machinery, which will end up causing problems for the product being produced. Taking the right steps to prevent accidents, helps to ensure that customers get what they need in the agreed time- frame along with the highest quality possible.

The loss of a life is immeasurable and the harm it causes to the family of the dead is vast. Accidents do not occur on a prior notice, they just happen! But protection from such accidents and losses can be avoided by taking calculative measures. Proper application of Lockout Tagout includes protection from being crushed, hit by moving parts, electrocuted, cut, or experience other types of injuries.

There are innumerable benefits of the LOTO System, that is why today it has become Number - 1 priority of most of the workplaces.

LOTO is a way of life!

E-Square Compliance and Education Division
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