Yellow and Black Shadow Circuit Breaker Lockout Station with Goods

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  • Ideal for use in localised areas, to keep isolation devices close to the machine that is to be locked out.
  • Highly visible striped design.
  • Shadows are a status indicators, clearly showing which piece of equipment is in use.
  • Lockout boards come either unfilled, or fully loaded.
  • Made from 4 mm ACP boards.
  • Special lockout shadow boards can be created along with the machine specific procedure for bigger machines.
  • Shadow lockout stations are duly customizable.
  • They can be supplied in different colours, shapes, designs and as per your required specifications / combinations.

1. De Electric Hasp 6 holes 2 nos.
2. PLSP De - Electric Padlock with Nylon Shackle - Key Different 4 nos.
3. 2 Piece each of all the PI / PO / POW & Tie Bar CCBL 1 set
4. Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout - Yellow 2 nos.
5. Universal Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout - Blue 2 nos.
6. Universal Large Circuit Breaker Lockout - Big Size 2 nos.
7. Universal Multi - Functional Circuit Breaker Lockout 2 nos.
8. Universal Golden Toggle - Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout 6 nos.
9. Lockout Tags 10 nos.
10. Yellow & Black Shadow Circuit Breaker Lockout Station 1 no.
Height 23 inch
Width 17 inch
Material 4 mm ACP

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