Yellow Safety Floor Stands – Cleaning in Progress


E-Square’s Yellow Floor Stand, crafted from strong plastic, prominently features both-sided CAUTION/DANGER signs, perfect for both indoor and outdoor safety alerts.

  • Strong Plastic with bright, attractive yellow base colour
  • Dual-sided printing
  • Portable and user-friendly

100000 in stock

Product Description

E-Square’s Yellow Floor Stands are a standard choice for warning employees and visitors about hazardous areas in any facility or construction site. Complying with OSHA practices, these both-sided printed stands feature the standard CAUTION/DANGER signs and are equipped with a built-in handle, making them highly portable. Constructed from strong plastic, these bright and attractive floor stands are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With over a thousand available designs to choose from, or the option to customize the text, graphic, or message, you can ensure effective hazard communication in any required language.


Must for Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Parking Areas, Maintenance Areas, Corporate Houses, Shopping Malls, Factories, Outdoors etc.



  • Portable: Setup with one hand, stores flat.
  • Printing: Both Side (Same or different caption)
  • Material: Strong Plastic (Special Grade)
  • Size: 623mm x 311mm
  • Base Colour: Yellow
  • Bright and Attractive
  • Easy to carry, built-in handle
  • 1001+ Graphics / Captions to choose from
  • Special Customised sign can also be made
  • Stands in Other colours can be made for 200+ quantities
  • Bi-lingual / Tri-lingual signs also available