Yellow Portable Padlock Station with Goods – H17.25 x W15.75 x D2.5 inch


A lockable, portable station designed for secure transport and storage of critical lockout equipment mainly padlocks.

  • Polypropylene build
  • Protects contents from harsh environments
  • Fully equipped with LOTO Devices

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Portable lockout tagout ready access stations are perfect for transporting and storing critical lockout tagout (LOTO) equipment especially padlocks.
  • They come with a solid black handle for easy portability and ensure that lockout devices remain easily accessible and ready to use whenever needed.
  • These portable stations are made of polypropylene for rugged durability.
  • Semi-transparent hinged cover with locking mechanism protects contents from harsh environments and prevents unauthorized access.
  • Truly unbreakable lemon-yellow colour base and semi clear lockable cover with wall mounting provision.
  • Available standalone (ES-YPPS) or fully equipped (ES-YPPS-WG).



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