Yellow Lockout Tagout Cabinet for 20 Locks – H16 X W12 X D3 inch


A lockable yellow metallic cabinet, specifically designed to provide secure storage for lockout equipment and supplies.

  • Suitable for different lockout product requirements
  • Cabinet includes 40 tags, 20 padlocks, and 8 hasps
  • For organized storage of LOTO Devices

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • The Yellow Metallic Lockout Tagout Cabinets are specifically designed to securely store lockout equipment and supplies.
  • These cabinets are available in three different sizes to accommodate various requirements for lockout products in different departments or areas.
  • Customers have the option to purchase the cabinets either filled with lockout components or empty.
  • The ES-YLTS-20L cabinet contains 40 tags, 20 padlocks, and 8 hasps.
  • The cabinets are supplied with labelled or screen-printed facias, making it easy to identify and organize the stored equipment.