Wall Switch Lockout Device – Small


An efficient solution for safely locking out panel buttons and switches, available in both small and large sizes, with a clear top.

  • Panel buttons, rotary switches, and wall switches.
  • Clear polycarbonate top for easy nameplate and label viewing.
  • Allows placement of 2 padlocks for heightened security.

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Provides a safe and effective method for locking out panel buttons, rotary switches, and wall switches.
  • Available in two sizes: small and large.
  • Designed to be permanently mounted on the panel either using screws or double-sided tape.
  • Base is constructed from ABS and clear top is made of polycarbonate material.
  • The clear cover allows for visibility of nameplates and labels.
  • The base has holes for screwing and mounting the device to the panel.
  • It allows for the placement of 2 padlocks to securely lock and isolate the switches.