COMBO 2 – Universal Butterfly Valve Lockout with ES-PSMCL+2C


A specialized combo set of the Universal Butterfly Valve Lockout (UBFVL) with ES-PSMCL+2C, designed for optimal security in industrial applications.

  • Includes Butterfly valve lockout device and ES-PSMCL+2C
  • Cable lockouts compatibility for increased security
  • Available in both red and yellow colors

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • A versatile and reliable device designed to effectively lock out butterfly valves in various industrial applications.
  • The lockout device is specifically designed to jam the valve lever release trigger, preventing the valve from being operated. By placing the UBFVL between the valve lever and release trigger, and hinging it open, the two parts engage and lock the valve lever and release trigger in a frozen position, ensuring that the valve remains in a secure and locked state.
  • Cable Lockout Compatibility: For enhanced security, the lockout device is compatible with E-Square’s cable lockouts. By passing the cable around the valve body and through the matching hole of the UBFVL, the device can be securely locked in place. Padlocks can be applied to the cable lockouts to further secure the lockout device.
  • This lockout device is also known as a butterfly valve handle jammer and is available in both red and yellow colours.
  • The ES-UBFVL is available individually as well as a complete set that includes the lockout device along with the cable lockout, providing everything you need for secure and effective lockout of butterfly valves.