Steering Wheel Lockout Cover – 60 cm Dia


A 60 cm diameter steering wheel cover, perfect for alerting employees not to move or start the vehicle, available in customizable designs and colors.

  • Prevents unauthorised vehicle operation during maintenance
  • Equipped with a brass reinforced eyelet for secure locking
  • Allows design and color customization based on your requirements

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Provides visual deterrent during vehicle maintenance. Bold printed warning notifies employees not to start or move vehicle.
  • Ideal for forklifts, electric pallet jacks, construction equipment and fleet vehicles.
  • The upper half has a stitched pocket to slip over the steering wheel.
  • Includes a brass reinforced eyelet/grommet to accommodate a padlock or hasp to fix the cover in place. Increased deterrence by using a cable to immobilise operating pedals.
  • Various design options available – Standard, A, B, C, D or Customised.
  • Available in 2 more sizes – 40cm Dia and 50cm Dia.
  • Available in white and yellow base colours.
  • Specify design and colour at the time of ordering.