Special Metallic Lockout Box – Clear


A robust, customizable solution for locking electrical switches, buttons, MCBs, and other equipment on electrical panels.

  • Robust and durable construction from solid steel sheets with a powder-coated finish.
  • Offers both self-stick and rivetable mounting options.
  • Standard colour is White.

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Product Description

The Special Metallic Lockout Box is a specially designed and durable solution for locking electrical switches, buttons, MCBs, and other equipment on electrical panels. Made from solid steel sheets and powder coated for enhanced durability, these lockable and reopenable metallic boxes are built to withstand harsh industrial environments.


Key features of the Special Metallic Lockout Box:


Robust Construction: The lockout boxes are made from special solid steel sheets, ensuring their strength and sturdiness. The powder-coated finish adds an extra layer of protection against wear and tear, making them suitable for challenging industrial conditions.


Lockable and Reopenable: The lockout boxes feature a locking mechanism that allows users to secure the electrical switches, buttons, or MCBs to prevent unauthorized access or operation. The reopenable design enables authorized personnel to access the equipment when needed.


Self-Stick or Rivetable: The lockout boxes come with the option of being self-stick or rivetable, allowing for easy installation on electrical panels. The choice of mounting method depends on the specific requirements of the customers and the type of panels being used.


Customizable Sizes: The lockout boxes can be customized in different sizes to fit various types of electrical panels. This ensures a perfect fit and effective lockout of the specific equipment on the panel.


Variant with Clear Fascia: For added convenience and visibility, a variant of the lockout box with a clear fascia is available. This clear window allows users to see the status of the equipment or switches without opening the box, making it easier to identify the locked-out components. Product Code – ES-SPLMB-C


Customisable: These lockout boxes are customizable to meet specific customer requirements. (*MOQ applicable)