Slim Property Tag Holder


Slim Property Tag Holder facilitates meticulous inspections of ladders, kick stools, and podiums, securely holding property tags detailing equipment?s inspection and maintenance data.

  • Property tag attachment made easy.
  • Clear visibility of equipment inspection status and history.
  • Helps organizations with safety comliance

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Product Description

The Slim Property Tag Holder is a practical and efficient solution for conducting regular and detailed inspections of ladders, kick stools, and podiums. It is specifically designed to securely hold property tags that contain essential information about the equipment’s inspection status and maintenance records. This helps ensure the safety and compliance of the equipment in accordance with workplace regulations.

  • Suitable for use with all types of ladders, kick stools, and podiums.
  • Allows for easy attachment of property tags to the equipment.
  • Enables clear identification of the inspection status and maintenance history.
  • Facilitates regular inspections to ensure equipment safety.
  • Helps organizations comply with safety regulations and standards.