Single Sided Ladder Lockout – 1 (32″ x 13″)


This 32″x13″ Single Sided Ladder Lockout device is designed to inhibit unauthorized use of ladders or climbing equipment.

  • Made from durable, flexible woven PVC
  • Equipped with brass eyelets for secure lockout
  • Features a clear safety message and graphic

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Manufactured from flexible woven PVC; this lockout device is placed over the rungs of a ladder or the steps of other climbing apparatus to deny its use.
  • Brass Eyelets in each end and Hemmed Edging.
  • The brass eyelets allow it to be locked out with an EML Cable Lockout, LOTO padlock and tag.
  • Features bold safety messages with graphic and highly-visible OSHA danger headers that provide additional visual deterrents.
  • Attaches to most standard ladders.
  • When not in use, it folds up into compact size for storage.
  • Offered in single or two (bilingual) language options.
  • Can have custom graphics and messages printed to suit your company’s Work Health & Safety policies.
  • Also available in bigger size – ES-LL-SS-2 (42″ x 15″).
  • Can be ordered as a standalone LOTO device (ES-LL-SS-1) or as a complete kit (ES-LL-SS-1K). Besides the ladder lockout, the Kit includes: 1 – EML Cable Lockout + 1.5m cable with a single-sided loop, 1 – Red Lockout Padlock with Key, 5 – Accident Prevention Tags.


Easy to use:

  • Place ladder lockout cover over the rungs of the ladder at most visible level.
  • Set it evenly so that it covers the ladder rungs properly. (Depending on rung spacing, it should cover 3 to 4 steps.)
  • Pass the cable through the loop at the top and insert into EML cable lockout.
  • Secure the cover at the bottom by attaching a padlock and tag to the EML cable lockout.
  • Multiple locks can be attached to the EML cable lockout.