Shadow Lockout Station for 50 Locks – With Goods


Ready-to-use station fully equipped with goods, capable of hosting up to 50 LOTO padlocks. Offers customization options for a personalized look and feel.

  • Fully equipped for instant use
  • Hosts up to 50 LOTO padlocks
  • Customizable as per the organization’s specifications

100000 in stock

Product Description

  • Designed for localized areas to keep isolation devices near the machine to be locked out.
  • Highly visible red and white striped design for easy identification.
  • Shadows act as status indicators, clearly showing which equipment is in use.
  • Standard design can accommodate up to 50 LOTO Padlocks.
  • Available standalone (ES-SLS-50) or fully equipped (ES-SLS-50-WG).
  • Made from 4 mm ACP boards for durability.
  • Customized lockout shadow boards with machine-specific procedures can be created for larger machines.
  • Shadow lockout stations are duly customizable.
  • They can be supplied in different colours, shapes, formats, designs and as per your required specifications / combinations.


S. N.




PLSP Padlock with Steel Shackle – Key Different

50 nos.


Vinyl Coated Hasp – Small

1 no.


Vinyl Coated Hasp – Premier

1 no.


Lockout Tags

20 nos.



1 no.


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