Scaffolding Tag Kit – Slim Property


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Product Description

Scaffolding tags inspection system is prevalent worldwide and used in helping to identify working at height hazards and efficiently managing inspection procedures.

One kit contains – 20 Tags, 10 Holder, 2 Pen & 10 Cable Tie.



  • Printing of all Tag Holders and Tags can be customized as per customer’s requirement of Text, Graphic, language, Logo, Dept. Name, etc.
  • Bi-lingual printing on Tag Holders and Tags can also be done.
  • Minimum quantity condition applicable.
  • Free customization on orders above 100 kits or 100 sets of Holder / Tags.

The Scaffolding Tag Kit designed for scaffolding inspection systems, commonly used worldwide to identify working-at-height hazards and efficiently manage inspection procedures. The kit includes a set of essential components for implementing an effective tagging system for scaffolding.


Components of the Scaffolding Tag Kit:

  • 20 Tags: The kit includes 20 scaffolding tags that are used to display essential information about the status of scaffolding, inspection dates, and other safety-related details.
  • 10 Holders: The kit comes with 10 tag holders that securely hold the tags in place on the scaffolding structure. These holders ensure that the tags are visible and easily accessible for inspection purposes.
  • 2 Pens: The kit provides two pens for writing on the tags and recording inspection details or other relevant information.
  • 10 Cable Ties: The kit includes 10 cable ties that are used to fasten the tag holders to the scaffolding structure, providing a secure attachment.


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Customization Options:

  • Printing Customization: The kit allows for printing customization, where the text, graphics, language, logo, department name, and other specific details can be added to the tag holders and tags as per the customer’s requirements.
  • Bi-Lingual Printing: The option for bi-lingual printing on tag holders and tags is available, accommodating different languages as needed.
  • Minimum Quantity Requirement: Customization options may have a minimum quantity condition applicable, specifying the minimum order quantity for personalized items.
  • Free Customization: Orders above 100 kits or 100 sets of holder/tags may qualify for free customization, providing an added incentive for larger orders.