Plug Valve Lockout (9.50 – 22.20 mm)


An easy-to-use, high visibility Plug Valve Lockout device for 9.5 mm to 22.2 mm stem diameters, made from durable polypropylene for long-lasting, effective lockout solutions.

  • Constructed from durable and resistant polypropylene
  • Compact and highly visible for easy identification
  • Easy to attach, offering effective lockout

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Product Description

  • The Plug Valve Lockout is designed to secure manually operated plug valves, providing a safe and reliable lockout solution for valves with stem diameters ranging from 9.5 mm to 22.20 mm.
  • Each Plug Valve Lockout is constructed from durable polypropylene, ensuring its longevity and resistance to environmental conditions.
  • They are compact in size, highly visible and easy to use.
  • The lockouts can be easily attached to plug valves and will remain securely in place without interfering with valve activation. This ensures the effectiveness of the lockout while allowing for smooth operation when the lockout is removed.


These lockouts are available in multiple sizes optimized for different stem diameters.

ES-PVL-2334 – PLUG Valve Lockout (23.80 – 34.90 mm)

ES-PVL-4454 – PLUG Valve Lockout (44.50 – 54.20 mm)

ES-PVL-5563 – PLUG Valve Lockout (55.55 – 63.50 mm)